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People-Based Marketing for Retail Advertising

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Today’s Retail landscape is increasingly a blend of digital and physical buying. Now, consumers could see an ad on television, purchase on a mobile device for in-store pickup and, possibly, make additional purchases at the store.

That means to reach target shoppers and prove return on ad spend, campaigns must stretch across today’s media landscape — from connected TV to in-store purchases. This approach presents a problem for marketers still using traditional marketing tactics like third-party cookies.

Enter people-based advertising.

Viant’s people-based technology allows retail marketers to identify (or expand) target shoppers, execute relevant campaigns across today’s media landscape (from traditional channels like mobile and native to cookieless channels like CTV and streaming audio) and measure online and offline conversions, including incremental sales.

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Personalizing the Shopping Experience Across Today’s Media Landscape

Viant’s Capabilities

Personalized Omnichannel Campaigns — Without Third-Party Cookies

Reach target consumers with Viant’s interoperable Household ID based on actual purchase data, app ownership and real-world movement data across traditional (OLV, Display, Native) as well as cookieless channels like Connected TV, Digital Audio and Digital Out-of-Home.

Data Agnostic Partnerships

Leverage 1:1 partner integrations with Mastercard, AmeriLink, Commerce Signals, Foursquare and Safegraph.

First-Party Data Expansion

Build custom dynamic segments through the Viant Data Platform to gain insights about current and potential target audiences.

Closed-Loop Measurement in a Unified View

Understand and optimize in real-time online and offline attribution for any KPI — from online buying to in-store incremental purchases — in a single platform.

Multi-Vertical DSP

Access data partners and measurement solutions across various industries to deploy more ad campaigns confidently.

Innovation Keeping Pace with Imagination

Viant’s people-based technology is built for today’s evolving healthcare advertising landscape, allowing marketers to expand their campaigns into current emerging channels and whatever comes next.

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