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Innovation Keeping Pace with Imagination

The New Open Web presents an exciting opportunity for marketers to remake the programmatic landscape and succeed in today’s evolving internet with people-based advertising.

Moving Beyond Third-Party Cookies

With people-based advertising, marketers can evolve beyond the outdated and fast-declining third-party cookie to message consumers with a personalized ad experience in the New Open Web.

Emerging Channels, Expanding Possibilities

Connected TV, Digital Audio, DOOH, In-Game — marketers can reach consumers
across emerging ad channels as easily as traditional channels with people-based advertising in the New Open Web.

Expanding Measurement Capabilities into Offline and Online

Online and offline is the new measurement standard when marketers embrace a people-based approach in the New Open Web.

Three Key Areas of Focus for Marketers in 2023 – White Paper

Discover upcoming trends, hear from industry experts and discover how people-based advertising can help marketers succeed in the coming year and New Open Web with our latest white paper.

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*Source: Viant World Without Cookies Dashboard, February 2022, available to Adelphic customers upon request