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White Paper:
Three Key Areas of Focus
for Marketers in 2023

2023 is shaping up to be a monumental year for digital advertising. An uncertain economic outlook is leaving ad investment in question, retail is rapidly changing how consumers purchase and third-party cookies, once a foundation in the industry, continue to collapse with the advent of the New Open Web.

Emerging trends show marketers are not unaware of these fast-approaching industry shifts. Brands are searching for a way to further optimize their first-party data, combine linear and connected TV marketing into a convergent TV solution and leverage a new source of customer data from retail media networks.

Thankfully there are solutions available for marketers to navigate this time of transition and succeed in the New Open Web.

In our latest guide, Three Key Areas of Focus for Marketers in 2023, we examine the trends impacting digital advertising, share advice from industry leaders and highlight how to leverage up-and-coming trends. We also spotlight why people-based advertising is the future-proof solution to succeed in the evolving digital landscape of the New Open Web.

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How to Make the Most of the Evolving Advertising Landscape

Changes in digital advertising are impacting where marketers are spending time and money. Explore the trends expected in 2023 and how to succeed in the New Open Web.

What the Experts are Saying

Hear from industry experts such as David Cohen (IAB, CEO), Amy Lanzi (Publicis Groupe Commerce, COO) and Ryan Kelly (Wavemaker, Programmatic Practice Lead).

Why People-Based Advertising is a Future-Proof Solution for Marketers

Explore how people-based advertising allows marketers to move beyond cookies and optimize their first-party data, measure the success of campaigns in fast-evolving channels like CTV and leverage innovations like retail media to reach target audiences.

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